Local Burials

Laggan Burial Site (Heritage Website)

Laggan Heritage group developed a few pages of useful listing for burials in the Laggan area. This is especially useful with regard to some private burial areas. At Laggan Church site their are also 6 Commonwealth War Graves Commission plus two at Kinloch Laggans St Kenneth burial grounds. Another good reference site is Billiongraves who have photos of gravestones in the Laggan burial grounds.

Reference books

In addition to the books below we have a range of other local books and maps to guide you to specific historical locations.

Laggan Legacy (Amazon Link)

A useful reference book created for the millennium with all building in the parish recorded and details of current owners at the time and previous owners with many comments about family connections. Copies can be obtained from Laggan Heritage. We hold a copy of this book for reference.

Laggan (Amazon Link)

This book is a mixed reference to the history of Laggan including many references to the people who lived and worked in the village. If researching a local family this can be very helpful. Copies can be obtained from Laggan Heritage. We hold a copy of this book for reference.

Laggan Remembers  by Graham Grant

Another very useful book created by Graham who lives locally as a tribute to the men of Laggan who gave their lives in two World Wars. Over 400 pages of in depth research into family history together with many family trees, lots of photos and historic references. Copies can be obtained from Laggan Heritage. We hold a copy of this book for reference.

Dalwhinnie Book

Dalwhinnie produced a book of local photos which contain lots of information about local people. As Dalwhinnie is very close it is often the case that families have spread between the two areas. Luckily Dalwhinnie decided to make this book accessible to all and produced it as a PDF . Dalwhinnie Book


Highland Archive Services - This has a number of locations in the Highlands listed on the website were you can visit and examine the archives directly.

National online recource for Scotland

National and International resource - We use Ancestry for our own family tree's and have a good knowledge of its operation so can help with some searches.

Dalwhinnie Voices

A great local project in Dalwhinnie and a super website that captured memories and the voices of a cross section of Dalwhinnie village folk. This has photo's to go with the voices and is a great resource.


Local Attractions with useful information

Clan MacPherson Museum

The local free museum open to the public from April till the end of October. The museum houses the history past and present of the clan and is the focal point for the annual gathering in August. Tel 01540 673332

The Highland Folk Museum

In Newtonmore and a must when visiting the area, but allow 3 hours for the visit. The Museum is free and with many reconstructed building spanning the history of the people of the highlands. With demonstrations, storytelling, crafts and music it brings the past back to life. As a Green Tourism Member like us you are supporting their efforts. Open April till October. Tel 01540 661307 or

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