What We Do

Well we do lots of things that you might expect and some things that are more unusual, our electrical white goods are all a minimum of “A” rated or higher, we opt for mirco-fibre cloths for cleaning and any sprays we use are very eco friendly ones, we serve organic, local food, home grown and lots of home made stuff too.

So in addition to those things we have;

Biomass heating system that provides all the hot water for the showers and heat in the central heating radiators see our case study for more details on that very eco friendly renewable investment.


Solar panels on the sun facing roof that you can see from the Garden Room (where we serve meals) generate electricity all year, just the amount varies depending on power of the sun.


Native bees, every year we get a hive of Beepol native bees from www.dragonfli.co.uk this is part of our contribution to the protection of the pollinator bee, it’s not a honey bee it’s a Bombus terristris audax which is a native UK bee. The garden hive dies out naturally after 2-3 months depending on the sort of weather we have, a warm & sunny summer means the hive will live longer, a cool and damp summer means our hive dies out sooner. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and each year we see bees in the garden that are an off spring one of the Queen Bees that has established a new native hive within the garden or the Bug Wall.

The Bug Wall is an ongoing project, it provides a mixed habitat for lots of different bugs, insects, wild life including a family of wrens one year. It forms part of our fence line with the field at the rear of the property and is far more wildlife friendly than a wooden fence. Quite a range of materials have been used in the construction of it…

Contact Information

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