Energy - Solar PV Panels


The Rumblie installed a 20 solar panel system on the roof in 2011. The system was purchased to offset our own use of electricity and to provide an income benefit to the business.


The installation took just one day and was installed on a roof with only 2 degrees off facing due south.

Panels: 20 x CP  185W-Laminate Cell Type Mono
System size: 3.70KW
Mounting Type: On Roof (Concrete Tile)
Inverter: SMA


The cost of the full installation and panels came to just under £10,000. At the time of the installation we came into the higher Feed In Tariff resulting in an annual income of between £1100 and £1300. Also we measured the reduction in electricity requirement at a value of approximately £200 per year. So as a return on investment it we expect to have the panels paid for in 2019 and will continue to obtain income for another 11-12 years at the higher rate until the FIT is reduced down.

Also to note we placed our FIT tariff and purchased our electric with GOOD ENERGY.


The main issue is reduction of CO2 to the environment through use of the solar panels. We found that one of our peak periods during the morning when dishwashers and washing machines are running we were running all of our equipment from the power of the panels and our meter was still running in reverse. This was only the case during sunny summer days.

According to DECC every kWh of electricity consumed from the grid emits 0.541 kgCO2e. 

Annual CO saving is 1.323kg

Social & Other Benefits

From a social point we are using less electricity and therefore less requirement for the production of electricity and lower costs to others.

As the house was built in 1987 we have taken a number of measures to improve its overall impact. Although we had not been assessed under the EPC prior to the installation, we had to have an EPC certificate to obtain our Renewable Heat Incentive for the Biomass boiler. As a result of this our Environmental impact part of the Certificate provided us with a Band A. This is when a Scottish Average is Band D.



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