The Rumblie Green Policy

Our Commitment and Development – At The Rumblie Guest House, Fiona and Simon are committed to doing as much as we can to help protect our environment. We work hard to maintain and exceed the highest standards in Green Tourism . We continue to implement environmental practices to ensure that we are as “green” as possible. This means having a policy of sound and responsible environmental management, leading to a sustainable use of resources and optimal management of waste.

Environmental legislation – We endeavor to prevent pollution and comply with all legislation

Continuous Improvements towards Carbon Reductions – We review our energy usage aiming to reduce our requirements year on year. 2005 is our Bench Mark year and our aim is to reduce our Carbon Footprint by 30% by 2020.

Efficient Use of Energy – We are committed to the use and production of renewable energy. We have 20 Solar PV panels and a biomass boiler for our hot water & heating.  We continue to move towards being 100% LED lights across the business – at the end of 2017 we stood at having 95% with the rest being Low Energy bulbs/compact fluorescent. Our washing machines, fridges, freezers, main oven & dishwasher are “A” rated or better, items are replaced with the best possible energy rating that we can achieve.

Efficient Use of Water - We reduce the amount of water used whenever possible, so we installed low flush toilets and pipes contain flow restrictors to reduce the amount of water delivered, our newest dishwasher uses 6.5litrs of water per cycle compared to the usual 10lts,  we moved from baths to showers and use 4 water butts to collect rainwater for use in the garden.

Minimise Our Waste – We Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, purchasing items in bulk, re-using items whenever possible in many different ways, and finally recycle what we cannot find a ongoing or further use for. A Battery box & Recycling Point are provided for our guests.  We moved to No Food Waste to go to landfill from 2013 – we’ve got a Hot Box along with our standard compost bins.

Minimise Chemical Use – All cleaning products used at The Rumblie are free from chlorine & phosphates, increasing we use micro fiber cloths which require just a spray of water to work.

Tree Planting & Wildlife Support – We support the aims of Trees for Life and have established The Rumblie Grove – guests are welcome to contribute to this fund. We have developed a natural pond and provide refuges and habitats to encourage a diversity of insect population for the benefit of all wildlife.

Support Local Producers and Ethical Approach – We support local producers such as Connage Dairy and organic farmers across Scotland via Macleod Organics; increasing use of Highland Wholefoods in Inverness which is a worker co-operative and a local soap producer Highland Soaps.  Many of our products are organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance.

Transport – We offer pickups for walkers and others traveling by train for times try Traveline. We encourage visitors to use local walks and leave the car in the car park. Our work with walking companies has had a large increase in visitors arriving by foot.

Contact Information

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